Album Release

Several months ago, God placed on my heart the desire to record an album.  After crowdfunding with Kickstarter and a busy summer in the recording studio, I'm happy to share with you that I'm releasing the album today!

"All I Need" is a collection of songs that point the heart's attention to the soul's greatest need.  With a folk-inspired, acoustic sound, modern and traditional hymns and songs are woven together with the theme of God's grace and love.

If you're new to my music and website and want to learn more about the story behind the album, be sure to check out my bio, the press release, and the updates from my Kickstarter project.

CD's are available for purchase here on my website.  (Click the "store" button above.)  Digital Downloads are available for purchase here on my website, iTunes, Amazon and most other digital music websites.  Feel free to contact me for bulk purchases of either CD's or Digital Download gift cards.

Some of you may know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month and that for several years my husband and I have been involved in missions work in Russia.  To that end, God has moved me to give a percentage of the sales of the album through December 31st to Doorways to Hope.  This organization's mission is to help orphans find loving, Christian families in their home countries.  Currently, their focus is in Russia and the Ukraine.  (Note: In Russia, there are estimated to be more than 730,000 orphans.)  In 2012, donors helped Doorways to Hope place 512 orphans in families in their home countries.  Doorways to Hope has become increasingly important as Americans are barred from adopting Russian orphans.  You can check out their website:

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"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all."  Philippians 4:23


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