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Blog post: Excerpt: Amy Lloyd - Exclusive Interview What is one thing you would tell your fans?  God knows. Whatever it is that you’re going through at this moment, you are in the palm of His hand. It is His plan. He loves you. He’s for you, and is working all things for your good.”

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Blog post: Excerpt: Overcoming a Core Muscle Injury - A Singer's Journey If you think singing is not an athletic activity, just ask Amy Lloyd, singer and independent recording artist in Southern Maryland. Similar to a sport, singing requires endurance and strength. Singing without engaging your core muscles is like trying to walk without using your quadriceps. Amy’s abdominal pain hindered her ability to perform, and eventually forced her to stop singing. After a long journey, her pain was diagnosed as a core muscle injury. Her path to recovery took her all the way to her recently released a single, “What Child is This?” We asked Amy a few questions about her journey…”

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Article: Excerpt: Lloyd Releases Christmas Single “I love this hymn because it not only reminds us of the story of Jesus’ humble birth but the second verse refers to the cross and actually includes a plea for those listening to place their faith on Christ for salvation,” Lloyd, who teaches piano and voice at Island Music Co. in La Plata, said. “Then, the hymn ends with a verse of beautifully written praise.””

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Article: journal_news_12-22-14.pdf Excerpt: Waggoner Native Releases A New Christmas Single After recording and releasing her debut album "All I Need" in 2013, Lloyd suffered from a core muscle injury that put her on an extended voice rest. During her rest and recovery, she bought her own acoustic guitar and took guitar lessons at her local community college.”

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Article: Excerpt: Local woman releases folk Christian album ‘All I Need’ “I really got into singing,” Lloyd said. “It all hit me. ‘Wait a minute, I’m a singer. This is what I’m supposed to do.’” During this time, she heard a sermon that asked “What is the one thing you do for God that you would be miserable if you are not doing it? “For me, that is singing,” Lloyd said.” - Sara K. Taylor

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